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About Family Life Radio

Family Life Radio is a network of 45 Christian radio stations reaching more than 17 million people in our broadcast areas. Our listener-supported ministry has been on the air for more than 52 years.  As you enjoy Family Life Radio, we also encourage you to learn more about their flagship program, Intentional Living with Dr. Randy Carlson. It will help you grow closer to God and set you on a path toward living a life that is pleasing to Christ.


How Can You Help?

At Family Life Radio, they believe that the most important benefit of being a Family of Hope Monthly Partner can be summed up in two words: Changed Lives. Your ongoing, monthly gift of support is a lifeline to families and individuals who are longing to experience the real hope found in Jesus Christ.

There is no minimum amount to qualify as a Monthly Partner, but many people choose to give a Dollar-A-Day ($30 per month) to help with the ongoing operation your station. We hope that you’ll consider joining us at that level.

We thank you for making a difference for so many with your gift today. Your ongoing, monthly gift of support helps others experience real hope in their lives.

Become a Monthly Partner