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Christians on a Mission for Jesus
James 1:22 – But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

The good deeds of Christians taking ACTION can never be too small. Yet, together, in mass, with all Christians working together, those small deeds add up to something mighty. Together, they change lives, they change communities, they change nations, they change the world.

By recognizing these ACTIONS, by sharing them and promoting good works, we change the national discourse. By spreading the word of these good works we help show others who are lost, who may be struggling, how to live a life in alignment with the teachings of Jesus Christ and in the path set out for us by our Father God.

We know that the power of good works can be multiplied by sharing the story of those works. So, we share the stories of Christians just like you, every day in communities around our nation.

Separately, these good deeds can be lost in the negativity of every day news and events. But, united, shared widely, encouraged they can help move our communities back to the path of blessing and abundance placed before us by our Heavenly Father.

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How to Submit

Share the good works in your community. We want to share the ACTIONS Click on the button below to submit Your Daily Action so that we can share your story.