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All Christians Together In Our Nation


Blessings Through Action

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 How can we come together to build a common framework for all Christians to support one another, support our leaders, and respect the will of our Heavenly Father? How can we bring more Americans to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and with those new Christians build a better, stronger and more faithful America? These questions must be answered by all Christians together.

Blessings Through Action seeks to find these answers through “All Christians Together In Our Nation” sharing a powerful voice as we come together as one in the United States. Together we can respond to what happens on the national stage and move together to make changes for the better, ensure our opinions are heard by those in power in our nation and develop our communities to reflect the Christian principles our nation was founded on.


What Drives Us

Our Mission

Blessings Through Action is a non-profit, faith-based organization that seeks to unite the 240 million Christians in the United States. America has the largest Christian population per capita of any nation on earth. It was founded as a Christian nation, and established by the people for the people. By uniting our prayers and raising our voices as one, we can once more humbly seek Our Heavenly Fathers Blessings in this cherished nation.

All Christians Together In Our Nation

We do this through the power of social media and technology to unite Christian voices so that they are heard at the national level. We work together to recognize the good works done by every day Christian heroes. We partner with organizations and people doing good works to build our nation up. We support all of those who would share in our faith and our goals of a healthy, strong, united Christian nation. The power comes from our Heavenly Father, but the responsibility is on each Christian to take ACTION to do what is right. God empowers Christians to do what is right, share what is right, speak to what is right and spread that message throughout America and the world.


Our Action Place

How We Do it

Colossians 3:17  – And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, [do] all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

Throughout the history of Christianity, the power of good has been spread through the word. That word, that good news, is communicated through both word and deed, both speech and ACTION. How we speak as Christians to the world and how we act in the world is the example of our faith and the promise of what God can do in the lives of believers and in our nation.

But, too often these days both words and actions are stifled by the largest social media platforms and media channels. The words and ACTIONS of Christians are censored, hidden, and ignored. We believe that spreading the word and living a Christian life through ACTION is the responsibility of every individual. We cannot allow those who would censor and stifle Christians to control the narrative or the conversation.

So, we built Our ACTION Place, a social media platform where all Christians can unite in word and ACTION and proudly live a God centered life without the negativity that permeates the social media platforms of today.


Sometimes it’s difficult to feel connected to people who share your faith in Christ, your values and your desire to see our nation united and blessed.

Our Action Place is a virtual community of believers that connects us in a social media platform that allows us to share and engage as well as encourage each other into action. We believe when our faith turns into action it engages us in service to our community and to our country. When we serve our children, our families and our nation are blessed.


A Message From Our Founder

At the end of September last year, God put it on my heart to bring all of the Christians together in our nation. I knew in that same moment that He would show me the way to do it. Through prayer and time spent in fellowship with Him it became clear He would lead and guide me. I also was assured in my heart that God would put the right people in our path and make it all work together for His Glory. And that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with so many inspiring, beautiful, and talented people while we have been working to build “Blessings Through Action” and “Our Action Place.” A place where we can share God’s love everywhere across this magnificent land that He has so graciously given us.

What we share here should be also tendered with mercy. Come here and know that accepting Christ and asking Him for forgiveness of your sins, means that even though we have all fallen short, and not one of us is worthy, He forgives us of our sins, and we too must unite to share God’s love and forgive one another. Leaving what is behind and building a stronger future in what lies ahead.

– Elaine Beck

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The Purpose of Our Action Place