A “Home” for Women and Children

The Sheepfold of Arizona is an offshoot of an already successful program in California founded in 1979 by Fran Lundquist. Since that time, thousands of women and their children have found shelter, safe refuge and a new beginning in life as a result of the Sheepfold ministry. Recognizing that only God can heal a wounded soul, change pain and suffering into strength, and provide determination to overcome, a desire to know God through His Word is the only requisite to come into our shelters.

Sheepfold Tucson: Raising Funds to Open a Tucson Shelter

In October 2007, God brought together a group of unrelated individuals for His purpose of opening a Tucson shelter. Each of us has our own story of how God put this vision in our hearts and how He in His unique and marvelous way has brought us together to accomplish this task. Since, then we have been working to lay the groundwork necessary to attain this vision. Currently our emphasis is in getting our first group home up and running in Tucson. There is so much to do in this endeavor.

We hope in the future to model other aspects of the California program including a domestic violence support group, thrift store and the second step program, which provides individual housing for these families.

What can you do to help?

Prayer is essential to a successful program and we would appreciate your prayer partnership. As we grow, we will need the assistance of volunteers to provide services to this ministry including children’s programs, property maintenance, newsletter mailing preparation, mentoring and ministering. In California, volunteer groups and individuals contribute hundreds of material donations including food, infant supplies, clothing, toys, appliances, furniture used vehicles, etc. And, of course, we can always use your financial support. This is a grace ministry and all services are provided without charge we are totally dependent upon the gracious giving of others.