The world needs the Word of God today, more than ever

God calls upon unbelievers, veteran Christians — the world during good times and when disaster strikes. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a yearning for God like never before. Bibles are selling like hotcakes, and store shelves once overflowing with the Holy Book, are rendered bare.

With the hunger for God, the Bible and Scripture increasing, how can we get to know the Creator outside of prayer and reading?


Speaker Prof. Tom Meyer, known as the “The Bible Memory Man,” is a known Christian speaker, who recited 20 books of the Bible from memory, released the Memorization Study Bible  in 2018. “I was able to learn some of the ancient mnemonic techniques from my relationships with Greek Orthodox Monks while I stayed with them in the Wilderness of Judah, as well as Rabbis, and Yeshiva students on Mt. Zion.”

Speaker Prof. Tom Meyer, known as the “The Bible Memory Man.”

Meyer said memorizing Scripture is hard for him. It takes an hour a day every day to master one chapter. He can recite the entire book of Revelations from memory. Nine out of the 10 books memorized was the Kings James version.

How can we get started?

Meyer said to start with one verse a week, every week and build this up over the year. “You want something that has some continuity to it. A chapter, a Psalm, something with light at the end of the tunnel. I recommend the Book of Titus as a good place to start and some of the famous Psalms too.”

Meyer applied the technique of using the number of words in each verse to aid in memorization and writing Scripture down by longhand was key. He added, “The key is to read aloud when you want to memorize a verse. When you read aloud, your mind, your mouth and your ears are all working together.”

More encouraging tips

Listen to the Bible on your phone, download something like the Bible Gateway app, or use other programs online to learn Scripture. When you commute every day, listen to a chapter. Meyer said one friend of his in Indiana during a two-hour work commute, learned the entire Book of Romans in a year.

For your kids, dramatically recite Scriptures before bed, youngsters learn better this way. Play Scriptures on a device during bedtime and let them listen to the Word of God. Meyer assured it works!

We may not have the memorization capacity of Meyer — but that should not interfere with increasing our understanding of the Bible. The more we discern God’s Word, the more we obtain His perspective on the circumstances and situations we will face during the pandemic and well after.

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