| Written by Corine Gatti-Santillo |

Have you ever had an encounter and just knew it couldn’t be luck? Or possibly, God choreographed events for His purpose?

One former banking professional learned God is in the miracle-making business.

Rob DePalo is the writer of the feature film, “Tapestry” (starring Stephen Baldwin). The film is based on personal experiences about job loss, a failing marriage, a lost dream and discovering God’s presence again.

It began one night when DePalo bumped into an old friend after 30 years.

“He reminded me of when I was young and had thoughts of being a writer but never pursued it. He got me thinking and I began to chronicle the events that were occurring in my life.”

DePalo’s passion for writing was rekindled.

God does move in mysterious ways in our lives and DePalo doesn’t believe encounters like this are happenstance, neither should we. The Holy Spirit sets up these divine appointments. This can be through people, events or a timely message received at church.

For DePalo, God was ordering his steps during a time of great inner conflict. After losing his job in Brooklyn, New York, DePalo reluctantly went to work in Manhattan. Floating on a sea of despair –hope was becoming less tangible.

God had a bigger picture in mind.

He met another person in the city who would change the course of his life — movie producer and actor Mike Yacovone.

Was this a coincidence?

“I don’t think so. God was working to make things happen in my life,” he said. “I am not exactly sure why God wanted me to make this film, but I do feel that he used me as a vessel to speak to people in the world. Maybe it was to tell people not to give up when it feels as if the walls are caving in around you.”

Sometimes God is silent when life is spinning out of control.  All of us can relate to this. How can we know that God hears us? Well, it’s faith, something oftentimes overlooked, particularly when we want to see changes immediately. But when God moves, watch out!

The situations that look like black holes transform into steppingstones towards victory.

When we make ourselves available to God, mountains tumble. He can send people to you, strangers to offer comfort and people who want to do business with you for no natural reason. Endure the turbulence as you never know when the harvest is coming, or like DePalo experienced — miracle encounters.  Like Jesus said, “All things are possible for one who believes.”