| Written by Sally Scott-Moore |

Interest in outer space was high during the 1960’s. NASA’s Space Race with the Russians was stepping up the pace and President Kennedy challenged them to reach the moon by the end of that decade. America watched in amazement and the TV networks capitalized on the craze. You may remember that iconic show from that era, Lost in Space.  The parents were some sort of scientists and the entire family, The Robinson’s, and a few other crew members are launched off into deep space for multi-year, deep-space scientific exploration. Predictably, something goes awry and their intended course is forever altered.  Weekly adventures ensued as they went from planet to planet, attempting to fix their spacecraft and find their way home.

There was a big goofy robot on board who trailed around after the kid brother.  Anytime anything bad was about to befall this genius kid with no common sense, the robot would start swinging its arms and lights would start flashing (accompanied by suspenseful music) declaring, “Danger, Will Robinson!  Danger!”  Sometimes young Will would listen… and sometimes he would not.

A big robot rolling along beside us all the time would be cumbersome, but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone or something like a whiz-bang iPhone app or something shouting at us (accompanied by suspenseful music) DANGER!!!!!  Don’t take that first drink!  I know that they look beautiful/handsome but, do NOT, under any circumstances, date that person.  Danger!!  Don’t go to that party or surf that website!  It will chain you up for the rest of your life!  Danger!! Danger!! Go home now, before you get into more trouble!

If only real life were like classic TV programs where all the villains are foiled in one hour; all scary situations resolved in time for next week’s previews. Hopefully, we understand non-fictional success requires more than space age technology warning us of impending danger or disastrous decisions.

Satan loves to keep us addicted, dependent, sick, broke and despairing so we will perpetually focus only on our situational woes. Ephesians 5:11 calls these the unfruitful works of darkness. All those activities demand our full attention as we worry, or poison ourselves and fret.  Addictions, bad habits and moral floundering are tied to constant rationalization, deceit or outright lies to ourselves and others.  Satan yearns to keep us totally off the reservation, or like the Robinson’s Lost in Space, always hopping from one drama to the next, always running low on supplies, or parts, know-how and hope. It is exhausting to always be reactionary!

The Lost in Space crew had appropriate astronaut gear for protection in hostile environments.  Our gear, our Spiritual armor of God, is much more high tech, and useful in every situation we find ourselves in. This is no joke or Sunday School platitude.  This is vitally important, so review Ephesians 6:10-18. Make sure your suit of armor is complete and in good repair. Do you understand how all those parts work in concert?  Many folks skip over verse 18 which describes praying in the Spirit as a critical lynch-pin keeping that armor moving successfully through your battles.  This Armor God shields your entire body and assures you will be an OVERCOMER, never again Lost in Space.

The Robinson’s, as I recall, never made it home.  They are Lost forever in Cyberspace cancelled by the network before the resolution of their fictional situation.

As Believers and followers in Christ, our script is written by another.  Psalm 139:13-18 assures that the Lord knew us before we were born. In Jeremiah 29:11, He speaks of the good plans that He has for our lives. We weren’t promised a rose garden in this life- but we aren’t just adrift in a crazy universe either.  It is critical not only to stay immersed in His Word, but that we be attuned to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  We have something much better than a whacky robot alerting us to dangers, something much finer than Alexa who can answer our questions or turn on the lights.  Our GPS is a Godly Positioning System- The Holy Spirit whom Jesus left us (John 16: 7-13) after His resurrection to “Lead us in all Truth.”

The trick is, we have to be listening and obedient to hear His voice.  Are you tuned in?