Blessings Through Action (BTA) has been blessed with Alysa Evenson’s insight and energy almost from the very beginning. She relayed the following delicious “tidbit” of a Soul Snack not long ago and I am happy to pass it along:

“A guest pastor was recently speaking at my church and shared a great story with the congregation. He told us that he had begun making custom tee shirts that read:


“The pastor was wearing his newsy “statement” tee one day while out and about running errands and it caught the attention of a man walking by. The fellow commented that he really liked the shirt and the men paused in their separate missions of the moment and began talking and getting to know one another.”

Alysa commented that the pastor hadn’t known that this God encounter was coming, but he took advantage of the moment. “The conversation continued and before long he was praying with that man as he accepted Christ as his Savior—just by wearing a tee shirt!”

Intentionality- if there is such a word- is as important as availability. Alysa noted joyfully, “It is so cool how the Holy Spirit works and how our faith can be shared in a million different ways!”

She is talking about the powerful effect of testimony: in the way we live, the words that come out of our mouths and a statement of a joyful truth on the front of a cotton tee shirt. “Remember,” Alysa concluded. “You may be the only bit of Jesus someone encounters today.”

And never forget- You are God’s Favorite! And, so am I! Pass it on.



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Sally Scott-Moore is an investigative journalist and content writer for Blessings Through Action. She grew up in Dallas, Texas and earned her Journalism degree from Baylor University. In addition to her news reporting background, she frequently writes freelance articles and ghostwrites book projects. As an experienced Bible teacher, she has authored numerous Bible studies and Children’s Church curriculum. Sally has three daughters and six grandchildren.

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