Soul Snack

Written by Sally Moore

As told by Elaine Beck

I remember a particular day when I was broke and so upset. I was crying out to God, telling him I needed to talk to someone.  Weepy and at wit’s end, I had been in tears throughout the morning wondering how I was going to afford to buy food, let alone make a pricey long-distance call costing $0.65 a minute!  Feeling discouraged and absolutely alone, I began to pray and call on the Lord for help. 

 No sooner had I finished my prayer with a desperate, “In Jesus’ name, Amen!” I was startled by the ringing of the telephone. 

  I put the receiver to my ear, but before I could even utter a greeting the caller blurted,“What do you need?” 

  This wasn’t what I had expected to hear when answering the phone. “Who is this?” I inquired.


Cindy was the daughter of a friend who had once baby sat for my young children. We had developed a close relationship which had endured for many years and through some very sticky family situations. Now a newlywed in her twenties, we had lost touch and I hadn’t heard from Cindy in months. She didn’t waste any time with pleasantries. “What do you need?” she persisted, her tone urgent.

 “What do you mean?” I asked. Hearing Cindy’s voice was wonderful. I had  already forgotten that only moments before I had been crying out to God, feeling forlorn and alone.

 She quickly explained that she had felt an overwhelming urge to call me as she was brushing her teeth. This feeling was so urgent and intense that Cindy hadn’t even taken the time to rinse out her mouth. 

I knew then and there God had instantaneously answered my prayer. What followed that morning was a wonderful visit which lightened my load and immediately gave me the encouragement I desperately needed.  We both went on with our day feeling refreshed and renewed.

 Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 12 that every believer plays an integral part within the body of Christ. We are not intended to shoulder life’s burdens on our own- we need one another and we need to take action to help one another. God does answer prayer. So it is critical that we remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit, who lets us know when to set down our toothbrush and answer his call.