Written by Sally Moore

Blessings Through Action, as you might expect, is an exciting new job for all concerned, with talented people being called together from all points of the compass. Recently, returning from an out-of-town interview, three of us car-pooled on the drive home. As we drove along, we got to know one another better.

Little did we know when the trip began that what we had happening here was a car- chock full of miracles!

All three of us, we discovered, had testimonies of instantaneous, miraculous healing. Three different Christians of varying ages, from three different backgrounds had three different amazing stories of how the Lord had actually, and permanently, healed them at various times in their lives.

Our driver, a young woman, not yet 30 years old shared she had inherited a fatal kidney ailment. Discovered at birth, this incurable glitch had already tragically claimed several siblings within weeks of their birth. Her father was a pastor, the family had deep faithful roots, and everyone they knew was praying. However, it certainly looked like this baby girl was destined to meet Jesus soon.  Her test results were grim and the days old infant was in serious trouble. 

Driving along, she smiled and told us her grandmother had come, laid hands on her and prayed, in Jesus’ name for her kidneys to be healed. Her miracle was immediate!  

Hospital staff were understandably stunned and wanted to keep the newborn for more testing to make sure she had truly stabilized. In faith, our friend reported, her father began to dress her in her “going home from the hospital outfit.” insistent and confident, he told the doctors, “No, I’m taking her home, she is healed.”  

They named the baby, Amanda- no doubt, realizing they had witnessed the Love of God in action.

Michael Jones, the latest hire to our video crew, reported he too had received an unexpected instant healing. Mike had struggled with asthma his entire life. As a boy in Georgia, he was hospitalized a time or two with particularly bad attacks. When the Jones’s moved out West, Michael didn’t have such severe issues.  Years later, on a trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan filming a Christian event, he again began to recognize that familiar, labored wheezing.

One of the volunteers at the event, who didn’t know him, received a “Word” for Michael -and asked if he were having trouble breathing?

“Yes!” His eyes widened. “I have asthma…and I got here without my (Albuterol) puffer.”

The fellow proceeded to pray for Michael’s lungs to be healed. “After he prayed, the guy asked me how I was feeling. I had to tell him I wasn’t doing any better.”  Unphased, the fellow didn’t give up, but continued to pray with authority for Michael’s asthma to be healed, in Jesus’ mighty name!

“Again, he stopped and asked me how I was feeling. Suddenly, I felt it! My lungs just opened right up.”  

  Michael hasn’t had breathing problems since then, and says of the incident,  “I learned a big lesson that day. A lot of people give up too quickly if they don’t see something happen right away. We have to show persistence- just like Jesus did with the blind man( Mark 8:24-25).

When my turn came, I told my companions I had attended a healing conference shared by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark.  I was curious, having read a book that really resonated with me, written by Pastor Bill Johnson. I had come from a mainline traditional denomination which teaches healing and miracles are no longer part of God’s work-a-day world plan. I had come to see if this were real, and what it was all about.

Wonderful worship music started the conference. So far, so good, I thought. The morning session had barely begun when someone on the podium announced they had a “Word of Knowledge” that the Lord wanted to heal asthma and invited anyone who had lung issues or asthma, should stand up and claim it for themselves.

Asthma had dogged me all my life. As a kid, I just assumed everyone wheezed for an hour after they had been out running or playing.  And, any infection always seemed to move to my chest becoming a hacking, wheezing ordeal to get over. I wasn’t diagnosed until my mid- 30’s but it had always been there.

In fact, that very morning, I parked in the wrong lot and had to speed walk a great distance and quickly navigate endless halls of an enormous building to arrive on time.  As this “Word” was delivered to the audience, I was experiencing the tell-tale crackle with every breath, the precursor to a full on event. With not a thing to lose, I just stood up!

Immediately, the crackling in my lungs disappeared, and I could breathe freely. It was an incredible, faith-building moment for me, and a glorious peak into the heart of God! It was also a beautiful introduction to the power of the Holy Spirit in my life!.

As the weeks passed, I realized that not only had I been healed of asthma but also received the bonus package!  I discovered I was migraine free for the first time in my adult life!

In one single, minuscule moment of faith, I was willing to just stand up and accept that gift- my life was radically changed.

While church doctrine may didactically convey one thing, I learned firsthand, something different that morning nine years ago: God doesn’t change. Miracles still happen. And, Biblical healing is for today!

How can I be so sure? We have a car full of miracles to prove it!