All of us feel the sting uncertainty, fear and where God is during obscure moments. Maybe we took paths believing God commanded us to follow and misunderstood Him. Maybe God wanted something else? Or was I wrong?

Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles was confronted with this after injuring his shoulder.

After winning the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017, their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history. Foles signed a four-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars in May 2019. His answer to it all is his faith in God after the personal setback on the field after changing franchises. Honoring God continues on his Twitter page with the subheading stating he’s a “believer in Jesus Christ, husband, father, son and brother.”

“When I felt this thing break [opening week] and I was going into the locker room, I just realized, you know, ‘God this wasn’t exactly what I was thinking when I came to Jacksonville.’ Obviously, you come here and you want to create a culture and impact people but at the end of the day [I said,] ‘God if this is the journey you want me to go on, I’m going to glorify you in every action, good or bad.”

Foles tweets about the latest developments and focusing on the ministry in the locker room instead of worrying. People make this so much about us as human beings and positions — it’s about purpose.

“We tend to make it about us as athletes. It is not about us. It isn’t, and if you make it about yourself, you’re probably going to go home at night, lay your head on your pillow and be very alone and very sad. And then hopefully someday you can find that purpose in your life. Because our purpose isn’t football; it is impacting people.”

We overlook there’s a bigger picture of what God is doing. Instead of taking a seat into obscurity, Foles is ministering to others on the team. Are there any setbacks preventing you from stepping out to minster, while God works out the kinks? Not easy but all of us need to push ahead and be faithful in the small things. Whoever is faithful in small matters “will be faithful in large ones; whoever is dishonest in small matters will be dishonest in large ones. Holman Christian Standard Bible Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and whoever is unrighteous in very little is also unrighteous in much.” Luke 16:10

Have faith in what you can control today and let God handle the doubts and setbacks. Perhaps you will find the setback propels you forward. God works like that, even when there’s no visible way out.

About the Author

Corine Gatti-Santillo has spent two decades as an editor, investigative reporter and web content strategist; her work has appeared in The Christian Post, LifeZette and CBN, among other outlets. She is host of the program “Mom on the Right” on The Liberty Beacon TV. She and her husband, Rocky, live in Virginia with their infant daughter and yellow lab Maggie.