Mark Harris has worn many hats in his life. Financial Consultant, Pastor, Church Planter, businessman, husband, father.  In 2010 Harris changed hats once more and founded 4Tucson to serve as a catalyst to mobilize the Body of Christ in 4Tucson to help solve this city’s toughest problems.

Blessings Through Action recently met with Harris to learn more about the 4Tucson model.  With similar goals, we wanted to learn how the engagement of area churches, as well as believers from every denomination, can work together- in dozens of ways and achieve positive and meaningful societal change. Take his plan and duplicate this amazing calling in your own community.

As 4Tucson approaches its 10th year, we celebrate Mark Harris’s Heroic approach. He is one who listened to a unique call from the Lord and obeyed: Activated to serve in a non-traditional paradigm and BE Christ to the people of Tucson who may never wander through the doors of a traditional church.