Greg and Pam Ayers are the Founders of GAP Ministries in Tucson, Arizona and the President and Executive Director, respectively.

Greg and Pam Ayers were faced with a life altering decision. After the loss of two very close relationships they asked God for a clearer and more meaningful purpose in their lives. Both Greg and Pam’s careers were very successful, but did not have an impact in God’s Kingdom. God dealt with their hearts and in the fall of 1995 Greg and Pam both resigned executive management positions to pursue full time pastoral ministry. Throughout the next three years God began to instill and birth a vision in them that would be the catalyst for an extreme walk of faith.

GAP Ministries, a social service nonprofit serving Southern Arizona since 1999, Stands in the GAP for those in need in three core areas: Children, Family, and Community. GAP Ministries’ Mission Statement: Standing in the GAP for those in need. Bringing help to children, healing to families and hope to the community. Find more information at