Written by Sally Moore


Excitement was hotter than the sidewalk in Mesa Arizona, Thursday evening, Aug. 22, as Women for Trump rallied and prepared for action ahead of the President’s 2020 reelection campaign.


Mo Hoppe, Lisa Bumpass and Ann Demanelian along with other friends and associates took up an entire section at the meeting. All are long-time American Airline Stewardesses who also happen to be faithful Trump supporters, active in the effort to see him reelected.  They shared a photo taken at the big Rally when President came to Phoenix in 2017. The ladies are so proud that this picture is now featured in a Women for Trump advertisement touting the historically low unemployment rates for women in America. If they have anything to say about it- Donald J. Trump is going to win again in November 2020!

These huge President Trump fans joined some 150 vocal and enthusiastic, mostly female, leaders, from in and around Arizona’s Maricopa County, to see how they could meaningfully pitch in to get President Trump reelected. Gathering at the Calvary Chapel sanctuary on Gilbert Rd., the Women for Trump leadership sought empowerment training- which beat a consistent drum throughout the evening extolling new voter registration as the critical component of winning in 2020.

Firing up the conservative movers-and-shakers were a royal flush of Arizona GOP hierarchy. Speakers included National Committee woman Lori Klein Corbin; former Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer; the Arizona State Director for the Republican National Committee (RNC), Drew Sexton and Cyndi Love the Arizona GOP State Secretary. Also featured was Mesa native, and well-recognized political activist for Angel Families, Mary Ann Mendoza. 

Lori Klein Corbin, a former Arizona State Senator, served as the moderator for the evening keeping the meeting on pace. Corbin is currently the Executive Director of America Fighting Back.com PAC.  She was elected Arizona’s GOP National Committeewoman in 2016. “We are approaching the 100th Anniversary of Women’s voting rights.” She paused, waiting for the applause to die down. “Women are a power to be reckoned with- and we are the ones who will push Donald Trump over the top in 2020.  This is our biggest challenge. This is THE most critical election ever!  When the President comes back to Arizona, we will be front and center!  We have his back!” Corbin’s stirring remarks were met with wild applause and cheers from the GOP conservative supporters.

Cyndi Love- also known as “The Trump Queen” donned a red, Miss America styled banner emblazoned and bedazzled with a twinkly “TRUMP” in all caps.  Love had the crowd join hands leading them in a prayer for the President’s protection, also asking for wisdom, as he embarks on what will likely be a grueling campaign. Love next led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance before ceding the floor to Corbin.

Introduced, to thunderous applause was Mary Ann Mendoza, founder of Angel Families and a member of President Trump’s Women for Trump National Advisory Board.  Mendoza’s son, Mesa Police Officer, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza was killed on May 12, 2014 in a head-on collision with a repeat criminal illegal alien who was heavily intoxicated and hopped up on meth. The driver had traversed some 35 miles on the wrong side of the freeway before being killed in the crash which also ended the life of her son, who was on his way home from his shift on the force.

Following the tragedy, Mendoza said that she was “catapulted into this whole process” and co-founded Angel Families with Michelle Root in an attempt to give a larger voice to the American citizens who have had loved ones murdered by criminal illegals.  Angel Families, through their combined chorus, hope to foster proper immigration reforms to keep these criminals off our streets. “I don’t want anyone else to receive a terrible phone call in the wee hours of the morning,” Mendoza noted, the heartache still evident in her voice. “We have to protect the citizens.”

In her gut-wrenching, personal testimony, Mendoza revealed she had been seeking policy change and action when she wrote two letters regarding her experience to President Obama. “I had no answer.”  The tide changed, however, “In July 2015, soon after then Candidate Trump jumped into the race, that I received a call from his campaign.”

“He has given Angel Families a national platform, and we are very grateful for what he has done.” Mendoza emphasized that President Trump has consistently returned the spotlight back to the American citizens who have been damaged or murdered by criminal aliens. Senseless crimes, she added, that may never have happened had proper, rational immigration laws, and borders been strengthened and enforced. “He has stayed the course!”  Mendoza intently leaned over the podium and told the spell-bound crowd, “In my gut, I knew that this man was the one who could fix this problem.”

To the women seated before her, Mendoza reasoned, “We are the caretakers of our families. We must be vigilant on our watch. Nothing I can say or do can relay what it is like to get that phone call or go through what I have.”

The President, she noted, invited her to a White House roundtable with law enforcement to talk about the criminal alien problem and the issue of illegal immigration. She reviewed the successes he has had in the campaign to curb illegal immigration and building the wall. “He has a heart.  He loves this country. He loves its citizens. Donald Trump wants to make the United States safe again.” 

“We are the collateral damage.” Said Mendoza passionately and defiantly concluded her portion of the evening’s events, “I believe President Trump will do what he promised because Law Enforcement officers are at risk. We are at risk– and there are officials protecting them.”

Governor Jan Brewer praised Mendoza’s efforts and the real change that has been made to rectify the immigration deficits Mendoza referenced. Pivoting away from immigration issues, Governor Brewer wasted little time on pleasantries and soon cut right into the meat: Why we need to re-elect Donald J. Trump. 

Citing phenomenal economic growth, the Governor noted that over 300,000 manufacturing jobs have been created and 337,000 construction jobs since President Trump took office. African American unemployment has reached its lowest ever rates. Playing to the evening’s focus, Brewer added, “3.2 million jobs were added for women. Women’s unemployment dropped a full 1.2 points to 3.5% overall.”  

The conservative moved quickly covering hot statistics and facts pursuant to the Commander in Chief’s platform. She reminded the audience that President Trump is opposed to Socialized Healthcare which is the current mainstay of the Democratic Platform. “If Big Government takes our healthcare,” Brewer warned, “Choice will be non-existent, taxes will skyrocket and 177 million Americans will be kicked off their plans.”

“President Trump works for all of us,” the Governor stated emphatically. “He has eliminated the individual mandate which Obama passed.”  This statement was met with whistles and cheers. “We have our work cut out for us,” she cautioned, emphasizing the President has produced and delivered for those who voted him into office. “We have a strong message to share and we must take that message to the streets, to our neighbors, our schools and churches.”

“How can you help?” Governor Brewer asked rhetorically. “You are here, which is a good start.”  She listed a variety of websites and twitter accounts to join such as www.women.donaldjtrump.com and @womenfortrump20.  Governor Brewer encouraged the women to active roles. Volunteering, donations and registration of new voters were common themes at the event.

Drew Sexton is the Arizona State Director for the RNC. A GOP workhorse, Sexton is well known in political circles in and out of Arizona. The RNC and the Trump Victory Team, he noted,  have collaborated to produce the most effective way to get the 2020 mission accomplished. “We have to have conversations with people. One on one connections with people. It depends on all of you.” 

An informative powerpoint presentation was reviewed to inform voters why they should give President Trump that second term. The website is available at www.promiseskept.com.  Quick bullet points in all the big categories of interest reveal the President Trump’s Promises made, and then details the impressive “Kept” list—delivered in spite of overwhelming opposition often amongst his own party.

According to Sexton, in 2008 ,the Obama campaign organized a huge push, signing up 2.2 million new voters. “It completely reshaped the election.”  Learning from those GOP losses, the bulk of Sexton’s time was devoted to statistics showing the critical nature of new voter registration, walking the audience through the intricacies of Arizona Voter Registration and encouraging women to join the fight. 

“That’s the ballgame right there. And, at the end of the day it all boils down to new voter registration.”  Enthused about President Trump’s strides to fix the fundamental cracks in America’s foundation, Sexton powerfully concluded that Trump needs more time. “This can’t be where it ends- this can’t be where it stops! A grassroots effort is essential and that’s what we are going to do!”