No way. That would be a “holy no” on the homeschooling front. Then, boom, perhaps — splat, we had no alternative when the Coronavirus hit the nation. Schools closed the rest of the year and we were tasked with homeschooling. Some parents were comfortable with homeschooling, and then there were those overwhelmed by pulling their hair out (or crying in their morning coffee). Many of us are still there — the crying part, that is.

And yet, let’s admit it — many of us dislike the public school system, its dark political influence, agendas and the indoctrination of our children. Children are introduced to sex as early as elementary schools. The far-left is startlingly indoctrinating kids by imposing their views, leaving kids and parents frustrated.

The pandemic could be the catalyst to make homeschooling permanent.

I asked leading education expert, author, radio host and actress Sam Sorbo: “How the heck can I homeschool, I’m not a teacher, nor do I have the time.”

She answered immediately with another question.

“Did you graduate? Can you read and do basic math? Can you show someone how to read and do basic math?”

I said, “Yes.” 

“Then you can homeschool,” she urged. “You were taught that you were incompetent, the school system taught you that you can’t do anything that you formally haven’t been educated in by a teacher standing at a blackboard for which you got a gold star on your forehead. That’s what you learned in school. If you know basic math and reading, you can teach your child basic math and reading. There’s no excuse except your own feelings of inadequacy. Please, set those aside. Why would you want to relegate your child to those feelings of inadequacies you’ve been given.”

public schools

I thought going back to the beginning of 2020 without the excessive school closures was a good thing, you know –“normal.”

There was and is no normal.

“Heaven forbid we should go back to normal. Normal wasn’t working. Let’s try something new; let’s use this opportunity!”

From Pittsburgh, Sorbo, finds the positive during this time and believes families will arise more united and the accidental homeschooler will illuminate even more. The homeschooling mom, also joined Texas Homeschool Coalition (THSC) to help parents and families through a new website called THSC protects parental rights in Texas and promote understanding and acceptance of home education.

She indicated it’s rough in the beginning, but new homeschooling families are communicating they love having more control over their children’s education: ‘We’re not going back. No, this is too good.’

Routines are hindered, but “sometimes interruptions are very beneficial and that is not to take away from the hardship people will have from this. I’m seeing it and my heart goes out to people. I am not rejoicing in the negative things we are seeing from the Coronavirus. What I am doing is focusing on the positive. What I can do is advocate for home education.”

Amen, girl — we all need to see the positive side of this mess. What made me love the radio host, even more, was the following comment on education.

“And by the way, let’s be clear, school is not about education,” said Sorbo, “because they’re barely getting education done. I think teachers are doing their best in a system that’s compromised.”

If it is not to educate — parents send their kids to schools to become more socialized. “Socializing is not education. If the point of school is to socialize the child, well, that’s fine, but that’s not education. If you want to have that conversation about socialization — I socialize my dog, I don’t socialize my children. The idea if I sit my child in a room of 30 other children his age that he will become socialized? That’s absurd.”

Schools took God, the Bible and prayer out of schools. To no surprise, virtue and values are a lessons of the past.

“We are teaching kids that they are accidents of nature and the survival of the fittest is the law of the land because of evolution. We are teaching kids that they are accidents of nature and the survival of the fittest is the law of the land because of evolution.”

Schools are closed, but education shouldn’t have to stop. We need to empower parents to “take the reins and continue their children’s’ learning at home in the coming months,” she said.

We don’t know how the pandemic will transform America’s K-12 for the long-term. Parents are looking at homeschooling as a viable option, even doubters like myself. Accidental homeschooling may prove to be very ’empowering.’

By Corine Gatti-Santillo