By: Ericah Jones

A government-run public transportation company in Lafayette, Indiana is reversing course, allowing pro-life ads to be displayed on the side of buses.

After facing litigation from the Alliance Defending Freedom, CityBus has agreed to allow Tippecanoe County Right to Life to run its classy ad showing the humanity of unborn children.

The ad in question featured two ultrasound images of an unborn child, and a third showing a newborn wrapped in a blanket. Superimposed over the photos are the words “ME,” “ME, AGAIN,” and “STILL ME.”

Tippecanoe County Right to Life is a non-profit organization with a mission “to protect the right to life through positive education and compassionate advocacy.”

ADF says CityBus has now revised its advertising policy and will no longer reject the ad. As part of a legal settlement, CityBus has also agreed to pay attorneys’ fees and damages.

CityBus denied Tippecanoe County Right to Life’s ad in the past because it determined the ad publicized a “political viewpoint” that was not in compliance with its advertising policy.

The 2017 lawsuit against CityBus contended “it is critical to educate the public about the humanity of unborn children and the harms of abortion.” It also claimed the nonprofit believes “one reason abortion is permitted in America is that many people do not understand the scientific truth about the humanity of unborn children.”

“It’s a scientific fact that unborn babies are just as human as the newborn babies we cherish, and Tippecanoe County Right to Life’s ad shares that truth in a compelling way,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Samuel Green.

“We are thankful that CityBus is now allowing this educational message to reach people as they study, shop, and commute. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech for all people, regardless of their beliefs or their viewpoint,” Green continued.

After attorneys filed Tippecanoe County Right to Life v. Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation in the US District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, CityBus agreed to a contract for Tippecanoe County Right to Life to run its advertisement for up to 16 months and amended its advertising policy, ADF reported.