Written By: Sally Moore

My friend, Nikki said, “My favorite book is called God Guides,” She went on to explain that it was written by a little missionary woman from a different generation, named Mary Geegh.

Born in 1897, it wasn’t until she was in her late 20’s that Mary Emma Geegh was called to the mission field. The “Dutch” Reformed Church of America (RCA) has a long and strong legacy of sending Missionaries to foreign shores. As part of that RCA tradition, Mary Geegh traveled to India where she served faithfully for the next 38 years. Starting a school which exists to this day, spreading the Gospel, Miss Geegh served the poorest of the poor.  According to her biographical notes, initially Geegh was having few results in her ministry, with hardly anyone was being saved. She didn’t know what to do. Fellow missionary, L. R. Scudder gave her some instruction on how to be still and listen to the Holy Spirit.  What followed changed her life, her ministry and the lives and destiny of many in India. Decades after her death, her teachings are still showing believers how to “Listen.”

I had never heard of this little RCA missionary lady, until my friend, Nikki shared Geegh’s amazing story. “She was a missionary from Holland, Michigan where I grew up,” she explained. “She started an orphanage, I think and a school… to help all the poor kids there.”

Nikki’s enthusiasm was evident as the story went on,” “She wrote this short little book called God Guides. It was a series of journal entries about her prayer time when – instead of talking to God….she began to listen.  Essentially, it is how to hear from the Holy Spirit.  She took this teaching and taught the school kids there to pray and listen until you get the answer.”

“It worked, “said Nikki, “They were hearing from God. People were getting saved and great stuff was starting to happen. People from all over the land started coming to learn how to “listen” themselves.”

The Geegh family still sells this slim volume to support the school /orphanage in India which continues Mary’s amazing legacy to this day.

Bringing the story up to date, Nikki stated, “I grew up in that area of Holland, Michigan and heard about this book. In 2015 I started doing the same journaling sessions that Mary Geegh teaches in her book.”  Essentially, the concept behind “Listening Prayer” is: To be still; Be definite about your sins; Listen to God; Write down what you hear from Him, and then do it- act on it!

“People pray but they don’t listen,” commented Nikki with a shrug. ”When I tried this, I heard, ‘You’ve prayed and I listened. Now, you listen and I’ll talk!’” She concluded with her signature grin, “So, I listened!”

“One of my friends, Beth, from High School, is now a chiropractor. Beth was going through a bad time with her marriage on the rocks. The Holy Spirit gave me her name and told me, “Teach her how to do this.”  There were no frills or self-aggrandizement in Nikki’s storytelling. “So, I took the book to her, explained what it was and why I was there. She began “listening” to the Holy Spirit, as instructed.”

Later Beth told Nikki the Holy Spirit had told her, “Your sin destroyed your marriage.”  Nikki was bowled over, but Beth, heard this and realized the truth of the matter. She thanked Nikki for mentoring her and shared that “This little book, really changed my faith.”

This wasn’t the only story that sprang from Nikki’s God Guided evangelism. “I also had a friend who worked with me at the Township Water Plant that listened and God told her what she needed to do to heal her body.  My ex- boss listened and He told her what to do to help her autistic son. When she fed him differently, the little boy turned a corner that diminished some of his harsher symptoms.” Nikki was astounded at the results. “Really, I could start my own book with all the feedback I’ve gotten!”  On a more personal note, she added, “I want to say that listening like this,  has helped me feel the depth of His love for me- because as He speaks, He always called me Beloved or Daughter, and that is so endearing.  There is no love like God’s love.”

“I was told to take this book to others. He assured me, ‘A trickle would become a rushing brook!”

At only a five dollars a copy, Nikki explained this is an accessible tool to help others. “First, I bought 19 books and gave them out to those whose names The Lord placed on my heart. Later, I ordered 30 more and He has kept giving me names.

Newly relocated to Southern Arizona, Nikki plans to continue on with the “Listening,” God Guided Prayer journaling which has been so successful in her life.  Today, she is fresh out of God Guides. But, I just ordered my first 10 books…. And, I am already listening for the sound of rushing water!