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Father’s Day Gift

by  KEITH SURFACE on June 13, 2019 The old joke is “another necktie” for Father’s Day, as dads across the land traditionally received a useful gift that stirred little excitement. Other gifts are more desired, such as a new fishing pole or golf club. Still others,...

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Social Media App Designed to Unite Christians

By Chris Maxwell Various groups work diligently to unite Christians. By hosting events to be attended by people of different locations, denominations, ages, and nationalities, ministries push for harmony in today’s often divided church.  Elaine Beck realized that can...

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Unplanned Blocked from Distribution in Canada

Pro-Life box office success Unplanned has been banned from Canada after major film distributors refused to circulate the film. According to the Christian Post, two of Canada’s largest film distributors – Landmark and Cineplex – do not have any intentions of showing...

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Teacher Ordered to Stop Praying with Children Before Lunch

A first-grade teacher who prayed with her class before lunch every day has been told to stop due to a complaint from a parent and an atheist organization. The unidentified teacher at Norwood Elementary School in Birmingham, Ala., led her class in prayers each day at...

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China Forcibly Removed Church’s Cross on Easter Sunday

China has escalated its crackdown on Christianity in recent weeks, forcibly removing crosses from Protestant and Catholic churches, destroying unregistered church buildings and even demolishing the structure of a legal Three-Self congregation. The actions come amidst...

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4 Things Christians Should Know about the Equality Act

The ill-named Equality Act is making its way back through Congress this year. The act, which is being painted as a pro-LGBT law, is coming across to many people of faith as an anti-religious freedom law. As Christian Headlines previously reported the act is seeking to...

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